Did you know that not all ears are created equally? Hearing aids are not made to fit every ear or even every hearing loss situation. They must be carefully calibrated and fit to specifically fit your hearing needs and your ear.
At Hearing Solutions by Marcy, we use only the top devices in hearing technology to help ensure you have the best hearing aid for your situation.
Hearing Aids in Greenville, SC
We promote hearing aids that are fitted with T-Coils, and encourage patients to activate these T-Coils in order to take advantage of the latest technology sweeping the nation in hearing loss: Hearing Loops. Contrary to misconceptions, T-Coil technology is not being overtaken by Bluetooth technology.
Loops are designed to filter out all that excess noise that you hear at a crowded restaurant or a card game, or even a board room or at home watching TV so you can hear what you're supposed to hear clearly. Our waiting room is looped, so we would love for you to come by our office and sit in the loop if you have a Tcoil in your hearing aids. Not sure if you have one, we will be glad to check to see if you do.
When you see this blue sign at any venue such as a church, concert hall, doctor's office, library, etc...that will let you know that this area is looped for hearing. You should place your hearing aid in the tcoil program.
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